Everest Ladder Climb With Fireman Sam 19/08/2017

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Everest Ladder Climb With Fireman Sam

Date - 19/08/17

Location - St Davids 2 Shopping Centre, Cardiff

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. It’s 8,848 metres or 29,029ft high. That’s the height at which passenger aeroplanes fly at – or the height of 643 double-decker buses stacked on top of one another! The mountain is more than 28 times the height of the Shard! Geologically speaking, Mt Everest is about 60 million years old. Everest grows about 4mm higher every year due to geologic uplift.

The logistics of flying a couple of dozen of South Wales finest Firefighters to Nepal to climb this behemoth of a mountain was a step too far, so we are going to bring the mountain to us in the form of a 13.5metre LACON (Light aluminium construction) ladder. This event will be held on 19th August 2017 at The Hayes, Cardiff City Centre. A group of 20 Firefighters will be ascending the ladder until the height of Everest is achieved. They will be doing this in full Service Issue Firekit including Helmet, Boots and Gloves and just to make it even more challenging will be rigged up with a full BA set and Cylinder.

Just to make the day even more exciting, Fireman Sam will be attending this event!!

Interest in this event is massive and we are expecting a great deal of interest on the day, Any support on the day is hugely appreciated



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Golau Cancer Foundation

The Fire Fighters Charity